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Who we are

Aleo LLC was founded in 2019, in Virginia, to promote a selection of Italian wines from sustainable agriculture, in order to meet the needs of flavors and taste while respecting the environment.

The keyword is authenticity: Aleo never loses sight of quality, typical product, and tradition. These are the essential values for a company that is constantly experimenting, where the focus is high quality selection.

Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of Italian territory, the long experience in the wine sector, and the precious collaboration between Aleo and its producers, all of this is made possible.

Moved by an incurable optimism, the partners of the company always see the glass half full: of wine of course!

Even though Covid inflicted a setback for the company in 2020…

We never give up!

If on the one hand, the future appeared to be uncertain, on the other, Aleo’s partners were certainly never discouraged.  Skills and personal experience allowed us to launch the company in 2022, stronger than ever.


To offer authentic wines that represent their historic place in multiple Italian regions. Quality, typical product, and tradition are our fundamental values. Our continuous work and dedication echo our goal to obtain an ever-increasing number of producers.


To be your landmark for reliability, trust, and assurance for all those who believe in the culture and excellence of Italian wine.

There is a deep tie that unites Rossella and Manuele.  A tie that begins in their land: Italy, Tuscany, Florence…and a love of wine.

Two old friends who meet by chance after many years.

Practically bumping into each other, they can’t help but to stop and take notice.

They’re shocked to see each other.

Laughing, joking, they pick up where they’d left off as if no time had passed.

Each has changed a lot, but their passion for wine and their motivation to dream remained the same.
It’s exactly this passion that leads Manuele to tell Rossella about his upcoming move to America and about a project he wants to begin.
Promising to keep in touch, they each go on their way, not realizing that their future was already clear.

That’s how Aleo was born: a story of passion, courage and determination

Manuele Nemi

Manuele was born in Florence and raised in the surrounding countryside. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, he has always had a special place in his heart for agriculture – especially wine and olives – traditional Tuscan products.

His passion for food and wine led him to open a restaurant-wine bar, which he ran for many years until life brought him to the United States.  Now, through Aleo, LLC, he hopes to share his passion by offering authentic products that reflect the beauty, history, and flavor of Italy.


His years of experience in the food and wine sector have allowed Manuele to acquire the technical knowledge and business skills required to run Aleo today.

As owner and manager, Manuele personally handles the importation, promotion, and distribution of the selected products in Virginia.  He manages all relations with clients in the Hotel, Restaurant and Retail industries, assisting them in choosing products that meet their specific needs.

Rossella Cosco
Associate and Italian Logistics Manager

Rossella was born in Florence, Italy.  She grew up dividing her time between her family’s restaurant and the vineyards and olive groves of her father’s native Calabria.

Even as a child she was always attracted by the nuances of the tastes and smells of food.  Her passion for wine came about almost as a joke: a bet among friends, an introduction to wine course with Slow Food, and a curiosity to develop a profound understanding of wine.

It was love at first sight.

After many years as Restaurant Manager for her family’s company, and other professional endeavors in other fields, she began a journey to improve her knowledge of wine, resulting in earning the title Sommelier from the Italian Association of Sommeliers in Florence.

From that point on, the adventure began – wine tastings, discoveries, new opportunities that transformed a passion for wine into a profession.


Rossella, based in Florence, is the eyes and ears of Aleo in Italy, where she coordinates logistics and communications with our Italian associates.  She is continuously on the lookout for new wines to add to our portfolio.  Rossella works directly with the producers to find wines that meet our criteria: authentic, locally produced and from sources of sustainable agriculture.

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